The Museum and the Sheep of Foza

The Museum and
the Sheep of Foza

“Sul Filo di Lana" Exibition

The exhibition “Sul Filo di Lana”, hosted in a special section of the Civic Museum of Foza, offers an interesting journey to discover sheep farming. Through photographs, documents, objects and memories, a long neglected activity is revived, which has supported the economy of Foza and the entire plateau for centuries.

Pastoralism was in fact the main resource for these people who knew how to select a breed of sheep named after the town. 

The “Foza” sheep spread to such an extent that it identified all the sheep from Vicenza with its name  and beyond. 

Its abundant wool made the fortune of the Pedemonte wool mills.

Now in this exhibition – which will be permanent and will form an integral part of the Museum – the “Foza” sheep becomes the protagonist, together with the many shepherds and the people of the country that it has helped to support.