Cultural and naturalistic itinerary

A nature rich in culture and tradition

A path among the districts of the municipality of Foza

This route will take us to cross some of the numerous districts of the municipality of Foza, one of the municipalities of the plateau that has most maintained the characteristics of a mountain village, with unspoiled nature all around and which more than others has remained tied to its traditions , including silvo-pastoral ones. Among all, the main ones remain the forestry and woodworking activities, the mountain pastures and the transformation of dairy products, and the most noteworthy is the breeding of the native species of sheep, called precisely Pecora Foza, to which it was dedicated a section of the Civic Museum.

The districts and streets that form and surround the center of Foza are located at various altitudes and have different exposures. The flora and herbs in particular find different favorable habitats, different in every season: different varieties of herbs can be harvested from the time the snow melts and until late autumn. The research and collection of these unique products becomes an excellent opportunity to spend a day in close contact with nature and … to prepare tasty dishes!

You don’t need to be an expert, just get organized with pocket guides, a pair of scissors and a basket.




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